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The Bible Recap

Have you tried to read the Bible in one year, only to get confused (“What did I just read???”) or lose motivation and stop in the middle of Leviticus?  The Bible Recap has daily verses to read but also a brief message about what you just read.  Bible Recap provides an overview and some highlights of verses that focus on God’s character and His love for us.  Knowing God better and being reminded daily is a wonderful way to stay hungry for His word.  PLUS there is an option to listen to both verses and the message! You can join us with a digital bible and podcast or you can join with your printed Bible (no special Bible needed) and The Bible Recap book.  We’ll send you more information on this.
It’s never too late to sign up! We look forward to encouraging and supporting you through this reading plan!  Get excited, because He’s where the Joy is!
If you have any questions, please contact Amanda Russell at [email protected] or Magan Lewis at [email protected].
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