Will there be a nursing mother’s room with audio and video capabilities in the new sanctuary?

Yes, a nursing mother’s room outfitted with audio/visual capabilities is part of the new sanctuary’s design.


Will the new sanctuary be outfitted to aid those who are hearing impaired?

Yes. We will seek to outfit the new sanctuary with the most modern and helpful aids for the hearing impaired.


What will the current sanctuary be used for?

The current sanctuary will be used for services as needed, chapel for weddings and funerals as well as a teaching facility that can accommodate up to 500 people.


Has the design team given consideration of those who use walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc. and generally have a more difficult time accessing the church facilities from the parking lot? Has a parking garage been considered?

Yes, the design team fully recognizes that we have a very diverse church which includes many who are walking impaired. We are working on numerous ways to aid those who have difficulties walking to attend church for as long as possible. These include among other things: reserved parking for walking impaired, golf carts to shuttle the walking impaired, the strategic use of ramps and elevators and convenient and easily accessible seating in the sanctuary itself.

As with many design options a parking garage has been considered. However, given the site limitations, broadness of the campus and the extreme cost of building a parking garage has currently not been deemed a viable option.


In addition to building the new sanctuary will the church be undertaking improvements to various portions of the properties…education building, kitchen, youth ministry area as part of the Deeper & Wider campaign?

The Deeper & Wider campaign addresses the new Sanctuary, related accoutrements and new parking. However, in the years to come we will address additional portions of our campus ongoing as needed with operating funds that are made available.


Have we considered alternative forms of conventional power in the application of electricity for the new facility? Also, is there the potential of our parking lot providing for electric vehicle charging/parking?

The architects and the design team have been charged with giving consideration to all forms of energy sources and accommodations which will facilitate the best use of the church’s resources while participating with the church’s cultural values.


What will the times for the worship service be with the addition of the new sanctuary?

The leadership of the church will likely determine the service times 6-8 months prior to beginning the use of the new Sanctuary as one of our worship facilities.


Will there be an effort made in the design of the exterior of the sanctuary to create interest and beauty as opposed to many structures built today that have a boxy, minimalistic look and feel?

Every effort will be given to create a beautiful structure inside and out. We will work hard to make sure the consistency of the current campus structures, the natural beauty of the land, what is pleasing to the eye all collaborate to create an interesting and pleasing interior and exterior.