DivorceCare and DivorceCare4Kids is offered several times a year, meeting Tuesday evenings from 6:30-8:30.

A new series will begin on September 11, 2018.  For that series:  info adults: contact Carol Gans, 512-261-3804 or cgans@jps.net.  Info kids:  contact Melissa Taylor, 512-261-6331 or melissa@lakewaychurch.net.  Each session stands on its own, so you can join them at any time 

DivorceCare is a 13-week biblically-based support group and seminar designed to help those going through divorce or separation deal with the pain of the past and  look forward to rebuilding their lives.  At DivorceCare you will become a part of a small group of people who are also experiencing separation and divorce.  You’ll meet others who understand what you are feeling and who will offer you encouragement.  You’ll also have a chance to talk about the information presented during the DivorceCare seminar.  Many participants say these support groups are the most helpful part of the program.

DivorceCare4Kids (DC4K) is a 13-week program to help kids who may be angry, hurt and confused because their parents are going through divorce.

DC4K provides a safe place where your children will: •    Learn to understand their feelings •    Express their emotions appropriately •    Feel better about themselves •    Develop coping skills •    Be introduced to biblical concepts that will bring comfort.

Some children struggle deeply with the separation and divorce, while others seem to bounce back quickly. In the long run, all are affected DC4K will help minimize and eliminate the short and long term effects of divorce and your children’s schoolwork, emotional health and spiritual life.

Register online by filling out the form HERE, or contact Carol Gans, 512-261-3804 or cgans@jps.net for information about DivorceCare or Melissa Taylor for more information about DC4K at 512-261-6331 ext 218 or melissa@lakewaychurch.net.