family-life-logo-3College of Family Life
Walking with Families through the Adventure of Life.


When:  September 1-3, noon Saturday to noon on Monday.

Where: We are heading back to Camp Caper’s, a perfect spot in the Hill Country along the Guadalupe River.

Why: Families that play together stay together! We want you to start the school year off right by centering family on Christ. The weekend will give you a chance to connect with other families and enjoy time in God’s great outdoors. Not to mention, one last chance to float the river and let the kids play before saying bye to summer.

At The Lakeway Church we care about families.   We are committed to walk with families through the adventure of parenting so that one day, you can celebrate your child’s 25th birthday knowing they are walking with Jesus, have a strong community of friends, are financially healthy, and have the skills necessary for adulthood.

Life throws a lot of challenges our way, but we believe the years of parenting can be full of joy.   We realize parents need help along the way  so that your own marriage can thrive and so that you can make the most out of these important years with your children.

The College of Family Life will offer a three-fold approach to support families in the parenting journey

  1. Family Life Sundays
  2. Endeavor University Classes
  3. Family Milestones

Family Life Sundays: Four times a year we will have special Sundays focused on the parenting journey.  Special classes will be offered for each of the phases of a child’s life.  These mornings will be called Family Life Sundays.

Endeavor University:  Classes on parenting, marriage, and healthy finances will be offered in coordination with the spring and fall semesters of Endeavor University.   Click here for more information about Endeavor University.

Family Milestones  

  • Celebrate what God is doing at these special moments in a family’s life
  • Walking with families through life’s transitions
  • Preparing for the next phase of parenting
  1. Baby Dedication
  • Life Stage: around 6 months of age (Birth-1yr old)
  • Class: 
  • Celebration:    
  1. Bible Presentation
  • Life Stage:  around 9 years of age (3rd grade)
  • Class:
  • Celebration: 
  1. Baptism Class
  • Life Stage: around 11 years of age (4th-8th grade)
  • Class:
  • Celebration: 
  1. Faith 101 & 102
  • Life Stage: around 14 years of age (8th-12th grade)
  • Class: 
  • Celebration: 
  1. College Prep & Senior Sunday
  • Life Stage: around 18 years of age (12th grade)
  • Class: 
  • Celebration: 


*Promotion Sunday is the first Sunday after the last day of school.  Children’s and Youth Ministries pay special attention to the transitions from preschool to elementary, elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, and high school to college.