Registration for the Spring 2018 semester is now CLOSED.

College of Biblical Studies

NOTE: All courses offered in the College of Biblical Studies are FREE.  

BSS18102  God’s Covenants with Abraham, Moses and David
A DVD-based study series examining God’s covenants with Abraham, Moses, and David that point to the coming of Jesus Christ.  This course is designed to help people grow spiritually through an increased understanding of God’s covenants with key Old Testament figures, the Torah as a statement of faith and the Old Testament as a foretelling of the coming of the Messiah. The course will include DVD presentations, Bible readings and group discussions.

Supplies needed: Bible and note-taking materials

Instructor: Carl Johnson, retired IBM systems and marketing manager, and experienced instructor.

Day: Thursdays, beginning March 1, 6 sessions
Time: 6:30-8:00 pm
Cost:  Free

BSS18105  The People of Palestine

This class is based on the itinerary for the Holy Land Tour that Pastor Larry will lead April 17-26.  The six lessons will all follow the tour itinerary and will be illustrated with pictures and descriptions of the places the tour group will see in Israel.  Each lesson will be based on a handout you may keep for reference.

Supplies needed: Bible and note-taking materials

Instructor: Phillip Morrison, retired pastor, serving churches for more than 30 years

Day: Tuesdays, beginning February 27, 6 sessions
Time: 6:30 – 8:00 pm
Cost:  Free

BSS18106  Reading Screwtape and the writings of CS Lewis

At The Lakeway Church, different Protestant faith traditions come together with the grand task of setting aside age-old theological and cultural divides by focusing on our unity in Christ.  This class will help the participants gain a historical perspective on our church and on their own faith.

Bring to class:  Book – The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Instructor:  Larry Coulter, senior pastor of The Lakeway Church

Day:  Mondays beginning February 26, 6 sessions
Time:   2:00—3:30 pm
Cost:  Free

BSS18107  Biblical Prophecy in Our Time

This course will provide a greater understanding of the Lord’s prophecy and His intended role for each of us in our time.

Bring to class:  Study Bible

Instructor: Thomas Pollock, lifelong student of Biblical Prophecy.  He has participated in prophecy symposiums at state and national forums.   His diligent researcher and journalism background makes for  compelling presentations.

Day: Wednesdays beginning February 28, 6 sessions
Time:   7:00-8:30 pm
Cost:  Free

College of Fine Arts

FAS18101B  Ceramics I & II
Ceramics 1 and II meet simultaneously with different demonstrations and projects.  Students learn from demonstrations, videos, and from each other how to use molds and stencils of biblically-inspired images to create ceramic pieces.  Stencils represent favorite memory verses.  Doves are also created to decorate the walls of The Refuge Ranch, Austin’s ministry which rescues girls from sex trafficking.

Supplies needed:  Additional $20 fee for clay & glazes

Joyce Johntz, experienced pottery instructor
Sheryl Clark, BFA, artist and assistant pottery instructor
Els Buckingham, artist, jeweler and assistant pottery instructor
Kathy Reaves, assistant pottery instructor

Day:  Thursdays, beginning April 12, 6 sessions
Time:  5:00 – 8:00 pm
Where:  Student & Children’s Center, 2nd Floor
Cost:  $25 per individual plus supplies fee of $20 ($45); $30 per family plus supplies fee of $20 ($50)

FAS18104  Card Making
Come and show your creative side by making beautiful greeting cards.  We will use beautiful paper, dies, inks and stamps to make a memorable card to give someone for a special occasion.

Bring to class:  scissors

Supplies needed:  Additional $20 fee for materials

Instructor: Sharon Rogers, educator, experience with art in the areas of jewelry, paper, glass and clay.

Day: Tuesdays, beginning February 27, 6 sessions
Time: 2:00-3:30 pm
Cost:  $25 per person plus $20 supplies fee

FAS18105  Basic Quilting CANCELLED

College of General Studies

GSS18106  Discovering God’s Vision for Your Life:  You and Your Spiritual Gifts CANCELLED

College of Health & Well-Being

HWBS18104 Healthy Spirit, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

This course will provide the Christian woman with the tools and knowledge to not only lose weight but to live a healthier lifestyle that’s pleasing to the Lord.  Using concepts from the book “The Divine Strength Diet Plan”, this workshop will lay the foundation of who you are and how you are created in the image of Christ and why knowing this is important to your health.

Supplies needed:   Additional $45 fee for book/supplies

Instructor: Torri Friedmann, licensed master social work, worked at the Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, currently working as a Christian life coach at Pantry Medicine in Austin

Maximum enrollment:  25
Day: Tuesdays, Beginning February 27, 6
Time:  1:30-2:30 pm
Cost:  $25 per person plus $45 book/supplies fee

HWBS18107  Introduction to Centering Prayer Workshop CANCELLED

HWBS18105  Cancer, Chemo and Communication CANCELLED

College of TechnologyTech-icon

TS18101   iPhone 101for Beginners

Is your iPHONE smarter than you?   Are there options on your phone that you have no idea how to use or that even exist?  This 6-week course will help you discover what all your iPHONE can do for you.  It’s more than a phone; it’s a mini computer!  (NOTE: this class is specifically about iPhones, not Android phones.)

Supplies needed:  iPHONE, note-taking materials

 Maximum enrollment:  15

Instructor: Nicole Linko, a local IT consultant with Linko IT and Web Solutions, and experienced technology instructor

Day:  Mondays, beginning February 26, 6 sessions
Time:  10:00 – 11:30 am
Cost:  $25 per person

TS18102   iPhone 102
This course picks up where iPhone 101 left off.  If you are a beginner with your iPhone, then you need to take iPhone 101 before you take this course, or already be familiar with the basics of use.

Bring to class:  iPHONE, note-taking materials

Maximum enrollment: 15

Instructor: Nicole Linko, a local IT consultant with Linko IT and Web Solutions, and experienced technology instructor

Day:  Tuesdays, beginning February 27, 6 sessions
Time:  9:00 – 10:30 am
Cost:  $25 per person

TS18104   Android Smart Phone for Beginners

This course will provide the student with skills to operate today’s smart phones.  There is no such thing as a stupid question.  Science reporter Brian Hill demystifies smart phones using material that he has put together for classes he has taught at the Lakeway Activity Center for several years.  This class will concentrate on android devices such as Google pixel phones and Samsung phones.  Basically any phone that is not an Apple iPhone.  This class assumes that you know nothing about smart phones.

Bring to class:  Android phone, note-taking materials

Maximum enrollment: 15

Instructor:  Brian Hill has spent his career demystifying technology as a TV and radio science reporter for ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV affiliates. He has taught a class on iPhone and iPad for seniors at the Lakeway Activity Center for several years and has taught a course for users of android Smart phones as well. 

Day:  Tuesdays, beginning March 20, 4 sessions
Time:  9:30 – 10:30 am
Cost:  $25 per person

Registration for the Spring 2018 semester is now CLOSED.