Passover Seder

5:00 pm
In homes throughout the community
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Celebrate Passover Seder – March 28

Every Spring, the Jewish People gather around their family tables to celebrate the Feast of Passover. After joyfully preparing the ritual foods for the service, they recite ancient prayers and sing Psalms. They taste the foods which are rich in meaning and flavor. They retell and remember their story- the journey of the Hebrew people from slavery in Egypt to freedom in their homeland. They celebrate a God who has delivered them and made them His chosen people.

Every Spring, Christians gather during Holy Week. We also pray ancient prayers, sing the Psalms, listen to the retelling of the Exodus story, and read the story of God’s saving power through the sacrifice of Jesus. We also celebrate deliverance from our own slavery to sin, our death to sin, and our journey to New Life with Jesus’ Resurrection.

This Spring, we invite you and your family to participate in a Christian Passover Seder, thanking God for our deliverance from sin, just as the blood of the lamb in the first Passover redeemed the Israelites.

Passover Seder
Church-Wide Holy Week Feast
Thursday, March 28
In homes throughout our community

Be a Host –  A Seder Host/Hostess will invite 8 – 10 guests to their homes.  Guests can be family, friends, children, or church members who have signed up to attend a Seder.   Lakeway Church will provide the main dish with everyone bringing something to share.   A Leader, who can be the host or a guest, will conduct the Seder.

Seder Host and Leader “How To” Session
February 29 at 5:45 in the Fellowship Hall.

Be a Guest – ALL are invited to join in this Church-Wide Seder!  Sign up to be a guest with the name of the host/hostess you are attending or make new connections by being a guest in the home of a church member in your neighborhood.

We are excited to celebrate with you on March 28th! 

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