Silent Prayer Experience

3:30 pm-5:30 pm
Atrium of the Worship Center
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Silent Prayer Experience

Join us for a special time dedicated to prayer and connection.  

Sunday, October 15 at 3:30 pm
in the Atrium of the Worship Center


What is a Prayer Experience?

Have you ever had a conversation with God? A prayer experience is just that. We are creating a space for no distractions and an opportunity to speak to God and yield for His response. He shows up in the most unexpected ways!

What to expect:

We will begin with small group breakouts for a Lectio Divina scripture reading to prepare our hearts and minds for time in prayer. Next, we will spend one hour in silent prayer. This may seem overwhelming initially, but it will go by quickly. We encourage bringing a notebook and pen to take note of anything you hear from God. This is personal, and you do not have to share. At the end of the silent prayer time, we will meet back in our small groups for a debrief and closing prayer.

How do I prepare?

We suggest fasting from the world around us to prepare your heart for hearing God. Fasting could mean avoiding technology, not consuming food, or eliminating other distractions that compete for our attention. Bring a pen, journal, and open heart, ready to spend time with the Lord.

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