Acuña, Mexico

November 20-23, 2021

Who: The trip is open to everyone in the church.  Families are encouraged to sign up and go together.  We hope this will be an intergenerational trip where young and old serve side by side (we recommend children be at least 8 years old).

What:  The Lakeway Church is partnering with a mission organization called Casas Por Cristo to build a home for a family in Acuña, Mexico.  This will be a hands-on trip where every member of our team will participate in the construction from start to finish.   Casas Por Cristo works with local church pastors to identify families in need.   Our work will be connected to a local church on the ground in Acuña.

Where: Acuña, Mexico is a border city across from Del Rio, TX – approximately 4 hour drive from Austin.   Casas Por Cristo has a proven track record of hosting teams to Acuña.   Our group will we be housed in a local church in Acuña, Mexico.

Why:  Sacrificial outreach is one of the marks of The Lakeway church.  We believe every follower of Jesus is called to love and serve others in Jesus name.  Stepping out in faith to serve others will have a transformation impact on your life.  Not only will we be helping families in Acuña, but we will be deepening relationships with each other.

Cost:  The cost of the trip covers the construction material for the home, the transportation, lodging, and all the meals except for the travel day.  The registration fee is $250 per person.   Additionally, each team members is expected to fundraise $250.  The Lakeway Church is contributing an additional $250 per person.   The actual expense per person is $750.

Here is the breakdown:

You pay $250/ person

You fundraise $250/ person

Church contributes $250/ person

For more information, contact Luke Gordon at [email protected]

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