Marriage Retreat – Fri/Sat, Feb 22-23, 2019


What:   A seminar for married couples to refresh your friendship while getting some positive marriage coaching.  Our goal is to provide a space for you to focus on the most important human relationship in your life.

There will be an opening session on Friday evening with Larry and Kim.  Then you will be sent out to have a dinner date with your spouse.   Saturday we will be at the church from 9:00-2:00 for two more sessions with Larry & Kim and breakout sessions to choose your marriage emphasis.  We will enjoy lunch together at the church on Saturday.

Why:  Your spouse is the most important human relationship in your life.   The frantic pace of life distracts the attention you give to each other.  Time is valuable.   We believe if you have uninterrupted time together it will breathe life into your marriage and have a ripple effect on every other relationship in your life.

Who:  The weekend is for all married couples regardless of how long you’ve been married.  Our goal is to give you focused time with your spouse.  During our large group sessions couples will sit at their own table for two.  The conversations will be between you and your spouse.

Where:  The retreat will be at the church.   You will choose your own dining venue on Friday evening.  Breakfast and lunch will be at the church on Saturday.

Registration and Cost:   Cost for the weekend is $60  per couple.  The cost covers the retreat and your breakfast and lunch on Saturday.   You are on your own for dinner on Friday night.   Childcare is available for an additional cost of $30 per child.    Scholarships are available.  For more information, contact Luke Gordon, [email protected].