About the Lakeway church Foundation

The Lakeway Church Foundation was established to facilitate special gifts above and beyond regular tithes and offerings and to provide for their appropriate use now and in the future.  The Foundation is guided by a Board of Trustees who are members of The Lakeway Church.  The Foundation is controlled by The Lakeway Church and operates under clearly established guidelines as to the investment of funds.  The Foundation receives gifts and bequests of any amount.  Many use the Foundation to remember and to honor a friend or loved one and to recognize birthdays, anniversaries or special accomplishments.

You may designate how your gift is to be used within the following funds:

  • The General Fund– Income from this fund allows the Foundation to respond to a wide range of the church’s needs.
  • The Deeper & Wider Campaign Building Fund
  • The Capital Projects Fund– Supports major capital additions, improvements, maintenance and repairs to the church.
  • The Benevolence Fund- Provides support for local and community needs.
  • The Mission Fund- Directed to missionary activities that contribute to spreading the gospel.
  • The Music Programs and Project Fund- Enhances the music programs of the church.
  • The Youth Activities Fund- Contributes to the needs and activities of the youth in the church and community
  • The Memorial Garden Fund- Supports the church’s Memorial Garden.
  • The Scholarship Fund- Contributes to scholarships created for qualified and deserving students.
  • Additional Designated Funds- Bequest or gifts of $100,000 or more may be used to support any program selected by the donor consistent with the church’s policies.
For more information on the Memorial Garden click here

For more information about what gift ideas might be advantageous for you, call the church office at 512-261-6331 or email [email protected] to be put in contact with a Foundation Trustee. All information will be held in strict confidence.