The Lakeway Church is an independent, nondenominational church with governance authority vested in the church membership.  The congregation, during its annual business meeting, elects six lay Elders for rotating three-year terms who, along with Pastor Larry, serve as the spiritual overseers and the governing body of the Church.

The Elders serve as spiritual overseers of the Church, and the Elder Council is the governing body of the Church.  The Elders oversee the work developed by the Pastoral Staff, Church Staff, Ministry Teams, volunteer committees and any member as designated by the Elders.  Their responsibilities include:  overseeing the spiritual health of the Church; fostering the Church vision, purpose and stated beliefs; overseeing the development and implementation of ministries and programs; and overseeing the business affairs of the Church.  The Elders consist of Pastor Larry and six Lay Elders.  Lay Elders are elected by the Church members and serve rotating three-year terms.

Elders as of Jan 2020