Lunch Break

August 18, 2019

Each day we make decision about how to treat the people in our lives.  In Exodus 20, God gives us 10 commandments that shape our relationship with God and others.   Today, we look at Exodus 20:17 where God say, “You shall not covet.”

  • Question 1:
    How would you fill in the blank to complete this sentence? “If only I had…..”
  • Question 2:
    What happens in your relationships when you start comparing yourself with others?
  • Question 3:
    Larry gave us a few ways to avoid coveting and practice contentment:  1. Stop comparing 2. Practice gratitude 3. Establish a habit of giving 4. Reject a fearful spirit.   What are some ways you can begin to nurture contentment this week?

Reading Plan

Sunday sermons cover just a few verses. The reading plan gives you a chance to read the passages between Sundays.