Lunch Break

October 6, 2019

As we head into October we continue our series called The Six Streams.  Pastor Larry is preaching through six of the major streams throughout the history of the church.  Each stream emphasizes a different aspect of the life and ministry of Jesus.   Our aim is to help each other grow and mature as we follow Jesus today.   This week we are looking at the Charismatic Tradition.   Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot grow in Christ or live out the six streams of the Christian life, and it all started at Pentecost.

  • Question 1:
    What is your experience with the Charismatic Tradition?
  • Question 2:
    How is the Holy Spirit critical to the growth of the church?
  • Question 3:
    Discuss why it is impossible to practice the other six streams without the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Reading Plan

Sunday sermons cover just a few verses. The reading plan gives you a chance to read the passages between Sundays.