Please follow the steps below to plan an event:

Step 1- Reserve Space and date in E-SPACE (make sure to fill out the HVAC Section) (Judy Teague will enter this for lay leaders/ volunteers)Step 1b- If your event is in Sanctuary or Atrium request doors to be unlocked with Jill Osborne or Judy Teague (note: double-check with Judy the week of the event because they can’t be set until the week of the event)

Step 2- Put in on the Staff Google Calendar

Step 3- Request Childcare- Fill out Childcare Request Form

Step 4- Request Audio Visual

Step 5- Advertise/ Market (website, promotion, announcements) – Fill out the Media Request form

Step 6- Create an Event Registration Form on Breeze or request one from Jaime

Step 7- Room Set Up (for major events, Fellowship Hall, etc.)- Work Order Form

Step 8- Request extra Custodial Cleaning Services with Jill Osborne (for big events)

Step 9- Record Attendance in Breeze and in Servant Keeper

Step 10- Record Notes on Google Drive for next year


If you have any questions, contact [email protected].