Click the fundraiser you wish to serve at to sign up! Students have the opportunity to earn money towards any of our youth trips or events by participating in the youth fundraisers listed above. To streamline this process, we are putting into place some new policies. Students must:
  • Register ahead of time online. We will be using SignUpGenius for all of our fundraiser sign ups. We will have LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS for each of our fundraisers, so don’t wait to sign up.
  • Attend the ENTIRE fundraiser time slot. If students are only able to attend for part of the time, they are welcome to serve for service hours, but will not earn fundraising money. These times are the maximum time that will be required for the event and may be shorter. However, students need to be able to attend the fundraiser for the entire time listed. If the event and clean up are finished early, then students will not need to stay any longer.
  • Sign in and Sign out. We will have a list of students who have signed up through SignUpGenius. Students fundraising must sign in when they get there and sign out when they leave. Students who don’t sign in and out will not receive credit.
Students will earn a set amount of $50 for each fundraiser they attend. In order to allow others to participate, students are limited to 1 time slot per fundraiser. For example, a student may not sign up for all three spots for the bake sale and earn $150. If a student desires, they may sign up for one spot to earn $50 and stay the remaining time to serve or to earn service hours.