The Student Ministry will be going on a week-long mission trip to work with orphans in a local village outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti called Neply. We will be going through an organization called MyLifeSpeaks, staying on their compound, and doing a combination of service projects and children’s camps.

Paste this link into your browser for some additional information about the trip and the organization:

A $200 deposit holds your spot. The cost for flights (about an additional $500-800) will be due in the Spring. The remainder will be due in May 2019.

This trip is open only to current 11th and 12th graders.

The total trip cost will be about $1500-1800, depending on flight costs.




FAQ About Going to Haiti


Is Haiti safe?

We work hard to ensure all of our staff and visitors are kept safe. We have full-time security at our campus in Neply and myLIFEspeaks staff and/or interns accompany teams and visitors at all times. From the time you exit the airport in Port-au-Prince when you arrive in Haiti, until you arrive at the airport again to go home, a myLIFEspeaks staff member or intern will always be with you.

What will I be doing during my trip to myLIFEspeaks in Neply, Haiti?

Throughout your 7-day stay at myLIFEspeaks you will have the opportunity to live life immersed in a Haitian village of 2700 people. Teams and visitors have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from construction and painting, participating in myLIFEspeaks Feeding Programs, playing bingo with senior citizens, and more. You can find more details about service opportunities with myLIFEspeaks in Neply in the Trip Commitment Packet.

Can we bring clothes, candy, snacks, etc. to hand out while in Haiti?

We strive to establish ourselves as an organization that does not provide “handouts” but instead provides means and opportunities for individuals to provide for themselves and their loved ones. We would love for you to join us in this effort. Please review the Donations and Supplies List.

 What is the food like in Haiti? Are there Gluten Free/Vegetarian options?

We do our best to provide filling and well-balanced meals for our teams and visitors and employ some wonderful, hard-working ladies from our Neply commUNITY to help us. However, if you follow a vegetarian or gluten-free diet we strongly suggest you bring your own food to prepare during your stay in Neply, as gluten-free items are not available in Haiti.

Is it safe to drink the water in Haiti?

myLIFEspeaks provides Culligan drinking water for all teams, visitors, and staff. You must bring a water bottle to refill throughout the day during your stay in Neply.

 Where will I stay while in Neply? What are the rooms like?

All visitors will stay on campus at myLIFEspeaks in air-conditioned rooms that are furnished with bunk beds. Sheets and a pillow are provided but you are encouraged to bring an additional blanket.

What health requirements are there for this trip?

All visitors are required to have updated Tetanus/Diphtheria (DT) immunizations. Additionally, Malaria vaccines should be discussed with your doctor in accordance with your team’s policies. 40% Deet must be worn AT ALL TIMES in order to reduce the risk of mosquito born viruses.

What do I pack to wear while in Haiti?

For us to be most effective in serving the village of Neply, we ask that you abide by the dress code that will be provided in your trip departure packet. Please keep in mind the cultural differences in what is considered to be “conservative.” myLIFEspeaks staff reserves the right to ask you to change if you do not comply. We thank you in advance for your understanding.