Job Description

General Summary

The High School Director works closely with the Director of Youth Ministries to help students encounter Christ and process Biblical truth in the context of relationships. The HS Director will help to create, implement, and improve high school ministry programs and provide leadership, relational engagement, spiritual presence, and developmental support for the Lakeway Church Youth Ministry. Ministry focus will specifically target the high school journey as students develop their faith in the transition from middle school to high school and beyond.

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Passionate Worship
    • Provide leadership and planning for student worship services and high school programming
    • Facilitate and resource the student worship experience
    • Lead large group teaching time 1 to 4 times a month on a rotating basis; Lead a small group weekly
  1. Authentic Fellowship
    • Engage HS students so they develop meaningful relationships with adult leaders and with peers
    • Create welcoming environments where students can enjoy shared experiences and have fun
    • Partner with HS parents, building personal relationships and a sense of spiritual community by connecting them with small group leaders and loving adult mentors in their student’s lives
  1. Spiritual Maturity
    • Lead students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and challenge them to continually take the next step in their spiritual journey and walk with Christ
    • Facilitate and lead one-on-one and small group discipleship interactions with students
    • Facilitate in planning, executing, and evaluating student events and activities (camps, trips, retreats, etc.)
    • Equip and resource parents for the maximum impact on a student’s spiritual life
  1. Sacrificial Outreach & Respectful Evangelism
    • Do contact work with students by attending sports games, visiting students at school lunches, community events, student organization meetings, and extracurricular activities
    • Passionately pursue students by creating a culture of invitation, connection, and follow up
    • Equip students to do ministry and create opportunities for them to serve and love others through service projects and outreach events
  1. Miscellaneous
    • Perform other duties and tasks as requested or assigned by Youth Director/Youth Ministry Team according to gifting
    • Exercise creativity to explore new/untried ideas to outreach to and connect with students

Minimum Qualifications


  • High School diploma or equivalent
  • Current enrollment in or graduation from an institution of higher education is preferred
  • Calling to future vocational ministry is highly preferred


  • Previous experience in youth ministry is preferred
  • Strong computer and technology skills (Microsoft Office, ProPresenter, video editing, etc.)
  • Audio visual experience is preferred


  • Personal relationship with Jesus Christ; clear testimony of salvation in Christ; must be baptized – the outward expression of obedience to Christ; established record of Christian maturity and growth
  • A passion for Christ and a general call to Christian ministry or service to youth and/or families
  • Proven willingness and ability to share their personal experiences of Christ with others
  • Church membership and worship service attendance required; must commit to become an active member at The Lakeway Church
  • Must agree with and support doctrinal positions of The Lakeway Church


  • Must be of good moral character and reputation. To the best of ability, must live a lifestyle above reproach, including but not limited to, abstaining from alcohol abuse, smoking, illegal drug use, pornography, premarital sex, immodest dress, illicit behavior, and profanity
  • Humble, teachable, and willing to be continually evaluated in order to grow to be a better servant of God's calling