Sunday Groups

8:00 am

Doing Life Together

Room 207 of the Fellowship Hall (upstairs)

This group is comprised of empty-nesters, both single and married, and is currently following The Top 10 Most Misunderstood Verses in the Bible, by Sean McDowell. If you are interested, just show up on Sunday morning or reach out to Clarice Barry (512) 633-9482 / [email protected]. 

9:30 am


Room 203/204 of the Fellowship Hall (upstairs)

This is a great group for young families to connect, study the Word and support one another’s growth in Christ.  We would love for you to join us!  For additional information, please contact Luke Gordon at [email protected] or 512-970-6650.

11:00 AM

Women’s Class

Room 203/204 of the Fellowship Hall (upstairs) & via ZOOM

Jesus’ Parables . . . And What They Mean for Women Today
This new study for women will take a fresh look at all 40 of Jesus’ parables. As the Master Teacher, Jesus used stories about everyday things to convey deep spiritual truths. What do those stories have to do with 21st-century life for women? To find out, join us any Sunday starting in September. Sundays, 11 am, Room 203-204. Newcomers always welcome! For more info, email Laura Savage-Rains at [email protected]

11:00 AM

Discovery Class

Room 205 of the Fellowship Hall (upstairs)

The Discovery Class is a discussion format program based on video teaching by various presenters.  This is designed for adults who like to learn Bible basics by talking about Bible concepts with others.  Any adult-aged person who seeks an understanding of God’s word is welcome and invited to participate.