We LOVE our Volunteers at Lakeway Church!  This month we are celebrating Nelisa and Dean Heddins.


How long have you been attending Lakeway Church?

Nelisa– We started attending the Lakeway church in January 2013. We started serving in children’s ministry as greeters and eventually small group leaders later that summer. We then began serving as small group leaders in youth ministry in 2014. When we started in youth ministry, our oldest, Miles, was going into the 6th grade. We have had the honor to serve as small group leaders for his class for the past 7 years.

Dean– We moved to Lakeway in 2012 and bounced around a few churches before permanently calling TLC our church home.

Why is serving important to you?

Nelisa– Scripture tells us to love one another. I find serving to be an effective way to love my neighbors. We are told that we are not saved because we do good works, but rather we are created for good works and by doing good in this world it is an expression of my faith. I believe that God created each of us to do good in this world – this is just a small way we get to contribute.

Dean– Serving was not important to me until I did it. I have come to learn that serving in the church is one of the greatest learning and spiritual experiences one can have in the church. I have learned a lot about myself and a lot about others

How has serving in your particular ministry impacted your faith?

Nelisa– Serving in youth ministry has by far been the most impactful, fulfilling, rewarding, experience of my life. Watching these kids mature in their education, socially, and of course spiritually has been beyond words and the greatest honor of my life. Through our discussions, I see scripture more clearly. I genuinely believe I have grown way more spiritually through my journey with them, than they possibly could have gotten out of me. I honestly feel guilty – I was supposed to serve them, but in so many ways, these kids have served me and helped me to grow. We have been blessed beyond measure to walk side-by-side with these now, young adults who are about to fly. As they graduate this year, my heart is broken as I won’t see their shining faces each week – yet it swells with pride and excitement as we now get to sit back and watch as these beautiful, incredible people go out into this world and share their loving hearts and fly.

Dean- Teaching is the best way to learn. I have been a part of the Christian church for 43 years. I have both been challenged and learned more in the last 6 years of working with this group of kids than any other time in my spiritual life. To be challenged to live out what you preach because a group of kids is looking to you as an example is certainly a strong motivator.

Fun Facts:

Nelisa– Fun fact – we are a little silly, and a lot crazy! We believe our purpose in this world is plain and simple – to love those around us to the best of our ability.

Dean- Once I was knocked out for 12 hours after hitting a tree with my head while snow skiing.  I also like to take houses apart and put them back together,