Elders serve as spiritual overseers of The Lakeway Church.  The Elder Council, consisting of one (1) Pastor Elder and six (6) Lay Elders, is the governing body of the church.  The Elders approve and oversee the work developed by the Pastoral Staff, Church Staff, Ministry Teams and any member as designated by the Elders.

This includes overseeing the spiritual health of the church, fostering the church vision, purpose, and stated beliefs, overseeing the development and implementation of ministries and programs and overseeing the business affairs of the church.

In addition, Elders serve in the following ways:

  • Read Scripture and provide offertory prayer in worship services
  • Able to handle and discern God’s Word as needed
  • Serve on assigned Sundays as counselors at our welcome booth
    • Assist people in joining the church
    • Capable of sharing how to become a Christian, i.e., the plan of salvation, using the Counselor’s Guide   as needed
    • Assist in answering any other questions visitors may have
    • Comfortable with praying with them as appropriate
  • Helpful in building up and encouraging the Body of Christ

Church By-Laws:  Elder Qualifications

Lay Elder qualifications include any adult church member who:

  • Is a mature Christian and has been a member of The Lakeway Church for a minimum of three (3) years
  • Has demonstrated, through leadership and service, a commitment to the vision, purpose, stated beliefs and ministries of the church
  • Shows self-restraint and leads an upright Christian life
  • Handles family matters in a Christian manner
  • Does not pursue dishonest gain

 Elder Qualifications are given in Scripture

I Timothy 3:2-7

  • Above reproach – person of integrity, good reputation, proven character
  • Husband of only one wife – If married, physically, spiritually and morally faithful to one’s spouse
  • Temperate – not given to excess in any practice or thought
  • Self-controlled – balanced, sound in judgment, speech and action
  • Respectable
  • Hospitable
  • Able to teach the Word of God
  • Able and willing to pray (James 5:14)
  • Not given to drunkenness
  • Not violent, but gentle
  • Not quarrelsome – not given to heated discussion/arguments
  • Not lover of money – possesses a biblical understanding and handling of money
  • Manages his family well
  • Not a recent convert – mature and experienced in matters of Christian faith & practice
  • Good reputation with unbelievers and non-church members

 Titus 1:6-9

  • Blameless – life and character beyond reproach
  • Not quick-tempered
  • Holy and disciplined – in his life, faith and actions
  • Holds firmly to the trustworthy message – firm faith & belief in Scripture and the Gospel

I Peter 5:2

  • Be a shepherd of God’s flock (the church)
  • Be eager to serve
  • Does not lord it over people – is humble and servant attitude
  • Serves as an example to the flock

Service Length

An Active Lay Elder serves a three (3)-year term.