This new study for women will take a fresh look at all 40 of Jesus’ parables. As the Master Teacher, Jesus used stories about everyday things to convey deep spiritual truths. What do those stories have to do with 21st-century life for women? To find out, join us any Sunday starting in September. Sundays, 11 am, Room 203-204. Newcomers always welcome! For more info, email Laura Savage-Rains at [email protected]




This group meets the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 6- 7:30pm in the Green Room (new Sanctuary Atrium).

Open to single women of all ages and at any stage in life. It’s an opportunity for women to speak freely, be there for each other, and study the Word of God together in fellowship and friendship. Contact Suzanne Wales at [email protected] for more information.



PRECEPTS FOR WOMEN- “Lord, Is It Warfare?  Teach Me to Stand”

Tuesdays 11:30 – 1:30 pm in Room 207 of the Fellowship Hall, from Sept. 21st- Dec. 14th

Are You Fully Equipped for Spiritual Battle?
Once you become a Christian, you enter a war zone. The problem is, you may not even realize it. But that’s about to change. Lord, Is It Warfare? will equip you to recognize and understand the spiritual warfare that is inevitable for those who follow the Lord Jesus Christ. You’ll learn all the battle tactics and devices of your adversary, Satan. you’ll discover Scriptural ways to overcome the enemy by turning to Christ, who loves you and offers you all the strength, wisdom, and power you need for victory. Books will be available on the first class, Sept. 21st for $16.00.

If you have any questions, contact Loretta Foster at [email protected], or 512-657-4855.




Wednesday mornings from 9:15- 11 am in the youth space, from Sept. 8th- Nov. 10th.

Come connect with other women and grow in your faith as we dive into a study of Elijah by Priscilla Shirer. Childcare provided!

Click here to register and we can’t wait to see you! If you have any questions, email Lindsay Scanlan at [email protected].



9:45 am in the Fellowship Hall, beginning Sept. 8th

Under Sue Johnson’s leadership, attendees will study the Old Testament book of Ezekiel. Ezekiel, the book’s author, served as a priest in the temple and was among the second group of Jewish captives taken to Babylon. His prophecy began five years into his time there. Because he spoke to a people whom God had exiled due to their continued rebellion against Him, a majority of Ezekiel’s message communicates judgment for sins committed. However, like all the prophets, he also provided his people some hope for the future. The book presents a striking picture of the resurrection and restoration of God’s people, and it also offers readers a picture of the reconstructed temple in Jerusalem, complete with the return of God’s glory to His dwelling place. This latter section of Ezekiel’s prophecy looks forward to the people’s worship after Christ’s return in the end times, when He will rule Israel and the nations from His throne in Jerusalem during His thousand-year reign. Come and join us! There is no registration or fee involved. Simply bring your Bible. We will video-record our live sessions for review by those who cannot attend in person. For more information, contact Sue Johnson at [email protected].





10:00 am Thursdays

Starting September 2, over 150 women and children will meet and study the books of Daniel and Revelation, with the clear purpose of allowing our inner life to connect to the rivers of living water through scripture. Join our community for a nine-month study that The Lakeway Church graciously hosts for women and home-schooled children, from birth to 12th grade. The cost is $35 for adults and $10 per child.

Register online
Got questions? Call or email Sabra Brown [email protected] or 337-852-3684





Beginning Aug. 20th

9:15 am on the 1st & 3rd Friday of each month in the Fellowship Hall

Calling ALL moms of kiddos of all ages! Please join us at Mom’s Table for Relationships, Encouragement, Accountability, and Laughter.  Did we mention that childcare is provided?? Click here to register!