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Relying on God's Promises
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Intro to God’s Promises

Pastor Larry Coulter talks about the changes happening in The Lakeway church, including his upcoming departure. He highlights the church’s history, emphasizing its diverse denominational roots and shared theological beliefs. Pastor Larry encourages the congregation to embrace change and look forward to new opportunities, addressing mindsets of comfort, fear, and sentimentality that hinder transitions. He concludes by asking for prayers for the church staff, congregation, and search committee during this transition and emphasizes the significance of expressing Christ’s teachings by loving one another and having faith in God’s promises. Pastor Larry shares his optimism for the future of our church and rallies the congregation to courageously embrace their faith amid the cultural shifts.

Philippians 3:13-14
Isaiah 41:10
Isaiah 54:2-3
Jeremiah 29:11

Dive Deeper into the Sermon with the below discussion questions: 

What role can we play in supporting the search committee, church staff, and each other during this transition?
Are there specific areas in your life or areas of service within the church where you can intentionally support and love others during this time?
How might your unique background, gifts, and experiences help our church reach out to and embrace people in our community during this time?
How can we hold onto the truth found in Bible verses like Jeremiah 29:11 during times of uncertainty and change?
What are some practical ways to remind yourself and others of God’s promises during change and transition?

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