Rio Grande Mission Trip

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Mission Trip to Edinburg, Texas

Lakeway Church will take a team of volunteers to Edinburg, Texas, for a short-term mission trip from July 24 – July 27  to support our missionaries at Rio Grande Bible College (RGBC).  RGBC serves the Spanish-speaking church by equipping leaders at their Seminario Biblico (a 4-year Bible School taught exclusively in Spanish) and ICS (Intercultural Studies) Program. They also run Radio Esperanza and have a volunteer program and conference serve alongside our Missionaries with Rio Grande Bible College.

Our mission team will work with the children of the Seminary and Bible College Staff while they conduct their Annual Leadership Training. Team members will play games, swim, lead activities, teach, and have fun with the kids. Pray God leads and directs RGBC Staff powerfully as they hold their Annual Leadership Training. Pray the team encourages RGBC Kids and families in their mission work.

This trip is best for… 

8-12 people who love working with children!
– Those younger and older can serve side by side
– Children entering middle school (or younger.  Let’s talk)
–  with no flights, no passports, and low cost!

WHERE:  Edinburg is near McAllen in southern Texas. Reynosa, Mexico is on the other side of the border, but we will not be venturing outside the US—No passport is needed! Our group will be housed at the Rio Grande Bible College campus, and we will host about 20 kids in a nearby hotel conference center for kids’ camps and activities.

The cost of the trip covers transportation, lodging, and all the meals except for dinner on the way home.  

Cost is Adults (kids 13+) $150 Kids (12-) $25

Sacrificial outreach is one of the marks of Lakeway church.  We believe every follower of Jesus is called to love and serve others in Jesus’ name.  Stepping out in faith to serve others will have a transformational impact on your life.  Not only will we be helping families in Edinburg, but we will be deepening relationships with each other.